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Listed below are a variety of popular national and international publications providing an essential insight into the world of astronomy. Check out the publication websites (as well as our own)! for some free hints and tips.  As we find more we'll add them for sure.

Astronomy ? Kalmbach Publishing
Clearly written, authoritative and scientifically sound articles cover both science and hobby activities in amateur astronomy. Astronomy includes monthly star charts and an almanac covering naked-eye and telescopic observing highlights.

Astronomy Now Online - Website of the UK?s best-selling magazine

Sky at Night ? BBC magazines
BBC Sky at Night magazine complementing the worldıs longest running TV programme.The magazine features regular articles by its presenters Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott. Every issue comes with a CD-ROM containing video of a recent episode that you can watch on your PC or Mac.

Sky and Telescope - Published by New Track Media
A very popular magazine from the US featuring observing tips and equipment advice. S&T is packed with news and features and a balance of historical perspective and solid science coverage.

Popular Astronomy
Popular Astronomy magazine is sent to the Society for Popular Astronomy members in January, April, July and October. Every issue is packed with articles, features and photographs, many in colour, about all aspects of astronomy. The text is written in a clear and readable style and will appeal to beginners and more experienced amateurs alike.

Journal of the British Astronomical Association
For 117 years the Journal has published the observations and work of BAA members. It also contains many other articles and items of interest to all amateur astronomers. Published six times a year, it is sent free to all full members of the Association. (For subscription details for non-members, please contact the BAA office.)

The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Stargazing, is published six times a year. Edited by Terence Dickinson, author of 14 books, including NightWatch and The Backyard Astronomer's Guide, SkyNews ensures that you will stay abreast of the latest developments in the world of astronomy and acquire expert advice on astronomy-related equipment.


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